Sunday October 3, 2004
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2004


PETEY: Tagon, I need to put a two-day hold on your paid vacation.  Something urgent just came up.

TAGON: Something always does.  The troops are used to it.

PETEY: Oh, most of the troops can do.  The mission profile here is for three soldiers, tops.

PETEY: See, there's somebody I'd really like to talk to, and I need you to abduct him for me.

PETEY: The Ob'enn have been funding a guerilla war in the Ystrebe system.  It's distracting the representative government, and will prevent them from amassing sufficient forces to repel the imminent Ob'enn invasion.

PETEY: The guerillas are divided into cells, and I've just located the one guy who can finger all the cells.

TAGON: So tell the local government where he is.  This sounds like a job for a telephone, not a mercenary.

PETEY: There are two reasons why that won't work.

PETEY: First, their government lacks the ability to penetrate the facility he's holed up in.  They'd just kill him, or lose him.

PETEY: Second, even if they DID get him out, their laws prevent them from mind-ripping the organizational data from him.

I have no such inhibitions in this case.

TAGON: Mind-ripping a prisoner...  Wow.  I mean... that sets a dangerous precedent for us, doesn't it?

PETEY: I don't do precedent.

PETEY: I evaluate each and every situation on its own merits, processing far more data than mere legislators or judges ever have at their disposal.

TAGON: So... situational ethics.

PETEY: There isn't enough antacid on board for you to describe it that way to the Reverend.