Sunday October 17, 2004
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part II: Schlocktoberfest 2004


NARRATOR: Colonel Drake Pranger's dying act was a violent one.  He thumbed a variable-grenade to "6" and lobbed it straight at Sergeant Schlock.

NARRATOR: Variable grenades are expensive ordnance.  You pay as much for just one as you'd pay for six single-purpose grenades.

If you're only carrying one or two grenades, though, it's worth the money to be able to throw exactly the damage you want.

NARRATOR: In this case, Pranger wants to throw enough damage to kill everyone in the room, whether or not they happen to be wearing armor.

NARRATOR: Setting number six yields an explosively expanding cloud of nearly-fusing plasma, which will deposit far more heat on fullerene armor weaves than even powered fullerene suits can compensate for.

NARRATOR: An armored man like Tagon could jump on it, but that would only result in him dying a bit sooner than everyone else.

NARRATOR: Elf spins in time to see it pass just inches from her face.

NARRATOR: Tagon watches it helplessly...

NARRATOR: Schlock eats it.