Tuesday January 4, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part III: Life's a Beach


Der Trihs: Sir, we have three prisoners. The area is secure. Orders?
Kevyn: Bring the prisoners with you, and meet me on the beach.
General Tagon: You know, wide open spaces aren't the best places for interrogation.
Kevyn: No, but they're great places for landing warships.
General Tagon: Air traffic control is going to have a steamy old fit on your dime, boy.
Kevyn: They can get in line behind the police, the people whose cars we trashed, the Empire of Ob'enn, the Partnership Collective, and the Wormgate Corporation. Oh, and I think maybe some dark matter beasties from Andromeda.
General Tagon: You "think maybe"?
Serial Peacemaker: