Sunday January 16, 2005
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part IV: Old Habits Die Hard


NARRATOR: The Wardroom aboard the mercenary warship Serial Peacemaker...

KEVYN: We can 'port safely again.  Our first destination is the Kelrik Hub.

DER TRIHS: What's there, besides some really uptight foodservice commandos?

KEVYN: According to one of our prisoners, the Hub is home to an escrow agency.

KEVYN: This particular escrow agency is holding a fairly large sum of money to be claimed by the party or parties responsible for killing Colonel Drake Pranger.

KEVYN: I figure that as long as we're going to be treated like assassins, we might as well get paid for the job.

DER TRIHS: You know, if Captain Tagon had a grave to roll over in, he'd be rolling over in it right now.

KEVYN: Lieutenant Commander Der Trihs, I need to make two things very, very clear to you.

KEVYN: First: if you ever again respond to my actions with your opinion of what Captain Tagon would do in the same situation, I'll bump you down to lance corporal so fast that your epaulets will ablate on the trip down, saving me the trouble of stripping them from you.

KEVYN: (That's really, really fast, in case you didn't figure it out from the supplied context.)

KEVYN: Second: "Rolling in his grave?"  Rolling?

KEVYN: He'd be doing his happy dance, singing a song that goes "We got paid twiiice!  We got paid twiiice!"

GEN. TAGON: Sounds like my boy, all right.