Friday March 2, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bounty Hunting


Narrator: The bounty hunter and his smart-armor prep for some serious action...
DoytHaban: Haban, give me a situation report.
DoytHaban: Everyone in the room is carrying small, concealed arms, except the blob in the corner, sir.
DoytHaban: He appears to have eaten a hand-held plasma cannon. It's a nice one, too.
DoytHaban: Okay, haban. Disable their weapons, and get ready for trouble.
DoytHaban: I'm way ahead of you. It's already done. But if I may offer sir some tactical advice...
DoytHaban: You may not. We're going to grab the doctor, and blast our way out. On three... Ready?
DoytHaban: Perhaps sir would like some help counting?
DoytHaban: You're being cheeky again. I can tell.