Thursday February 1, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy

Note: Special thanks go out to fellow cartoonists Scott Maddix of "Psychic Dyslexia Institute" and Caleb Sevcik of "Zap Jones" for their invaluable help in naming "Flib Shv'uu," the communications slug in the first panel. Now that Sergeant Shv'uu has a name, he stands a better chance of surviving the coming action. Help him express his gratitude by checking out these two comics. If Scott and Caleb don't get enough traffic from this link though, Sergeant Shv'uu will probably die, and you don't want that on your hands, do you?


Narrator: T-minus six minutes, and counting. . .
Tagon: Sergeant Shv'uu, Notify the Hellevator Port Authority of the bombs, and patch them into real-time hull scans. I want them to know this is for real.
Shv'uu: Sir, yes sir.
Tagon: Kevyn, how many teraport devices do you have?
Kevyn: Four, plus the prototype.
Tagon: Outfit the skiff with one, get one on the Kitesfear, and issue the rest to Breya.
Tagon: Schlock, Brad, and Thurl! Start loading the skiff with essentials.
Brad: Backups of the ship's log. . . Essential or not?
Schlock: I'd rather not talk right now. I've got 300 issues of Sports Lustyrated in my mouth, and I'm trying not to salivate.