Wednesday March 21, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bounty Hunting
Tagon's last ship, the Kitesfear, was truly a great warship. It had an oversized gravitic drive for hundreds or even thousands of gees of acceleration, and a solid set of unifield shields. From any angle of approach it could face you with no fewer than four multifunction weapon blisters, which bristled with goodies like relativistic railguns, plasma cannons, smartmissiles, multiband lasers, and gravy guns. Tagon once referred to it as a "Dragon class" cruiser. Basically she could fly like the wind, and spit fire beyond the wildest fever dreams of Dante. Prior to Schlock's enlistment, Tagon and the Kitesfear broke several blockades, enforced several more, and once wore an artificial hull to lure in (and subsequently hole the seven circles out of) a pirate cruiser. Her hull had been patched so many times it's hard to say where the original hull sits, but all the repairs were solid ones. She was a good ship.


Narrator: The mercenaries shop for a new starship on the hypernet
Thurl: I've found a few dozen dragon-class warships listed on h-bay and merc-auction.
Tagon: Are any of them going for less than four thousand kilocreds?
Thurl: Are you kidding? Only three of them are going for less than forty thousand, and those have all been holed or gutted.
Tagon: Well, start searching for something less like the ship we used to have, I guess.
Thurl: So, do you want something bigger? smaller? faster? slower? Give me some parameters, captain.
Tagon: How about 'bigger, faster, better armed, and cheaper?'
Thurl: No problem. I'll start with 'stolen.'