Friday March 16, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bounty Hunting


Kevyn: I'm finished. All the disabled weapons have been repaired.
Tagon: What was wrong? Why wouldn't they fire?
Kevyn: That A.I. was pretty subtle, using the absolute minimum amount of force necessary to disarm us. All of the sidearms had their 'fire/safe' switches fused in the 'safe' position.
Tagon: Kevyn, these are not consumer-grade sidearms. If you pull the trigger, they are supposed to fire. Period.Philisophically speaking, there is no 'safe' mode fore a sidearm. Thus, the weapons I issue my men don't have any schmansy-pansy 'fire/safe' switch.
Kevyn: Oh. Well, they do now.
Tagon: That's not subtle. That's showing off.