Sunday August 3, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part II: Enter the Longshoreman


Narrator: Staff meeting in progress aboard the Touch-And-Go. . .
Captain Tagon: Not bad for the first day, everybody. We got shot at, aimed at, lied to, sabotaged, mobbed, and interviewed, but nobody got killed.
Ennesby: Actually, we did kill that gunner in Southport.
Captain Tagon: For the purposes of this conversation, that enemy combatant is a nobody.
Narrator: . . . And on Dock One, Northport, in Credomar.
Ebbirnoth: Captain, my team is ready to go off-shift. We've been watching this perimeter all day.
Pibald: Whine some more, Ebby. My team's actually been breaking a sweat moving cargo.
Captain Tagon: You're both being rotated out. Brad, 'Chelle, and Massey are watch officers for the night shift. Brad's got cargo and 'Chelle's got permeter.
Captain Tagon: Massey, you're in command here.
Massey: I'm an attorney, not a warship commander.
Captain Tagon: Right. Don't touch anything. Start looking at all the legal-smeagol stuff here on Credomar. Ennesby will wake me up if anything goes seriously wrong, and TAG can engage any immediate threats.
Captain Tagon: Those of you going off-shift can shuttle back here, or wander the station. If you go out, be sure to buddy up and stay in touch. And do not go unarmed.
Captain Tagon: Wait. . . Ebby, if Schlock goes out make sure he's carrying something besides those two plasma cannons.
Ebbirnoth: When you say "besides," do you mean "in addition to," or "instead of?" Because one of those is a really hard sell.