Sunday August 17, 2008
Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse — Part II: Enter the Longshoreman


Narrator: Sergeant Schlock is on a rooftop scanning for a distant sniper. Schlock's eyesight is good. The sniper's muzzle-flash betrays his position.
Schlock: Hah! I saw that!
Narrator: The sniper is just over five hundred meters away (Schlock's eyesight is really good.) without going into the math, this means that in Earth's gravity shots would be dropping just over four meters before arriving.
Narrator: Schlock's weapon has a much lower muzzle velocity. At this range, in Earth's gravity, his returning fire will drop almost nine meters before arriving.
Narrator: The smart-sight figures all this out instantly, and positions the reticle to compensate. Schlock fires a burst.
Narrator: This is not Earth's gravity. This is Credomar's rotation. The burst curves wide and falls short.
Narrator: The vectors are complex, and fall well outside programmed parameters. The smart-sight isn't smart enough to adjust.
Schlock: I'm gonna have to walk my shots.
Narrator: Yup. The tracer rounds are in those boxes behind you.