Monday August 14, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Golbwerian Official:Captain, the Ambassador told us about the Creeth plot. We cannot thank you enough for saving the negotiations.
Tagon:What he means is that they are going to give us a cheap certificate.
Golbwerian Official:Though your contract was not with us, it is with deep gratitude that we transfer 10,000 galactic credits into your account.
Breya:What my colleague means to say is that he was expecting a certificate.
Golbwerian Official:Oh. We do have a medal to award as well...
Tagon:Is it cheap?
Golbwerian Official:Well, it's laminated scrap-metal that we fastened to a Salvation Army necktie...
Tagon:See. I told you so.