Wednesday August 23, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Narrator:Mercenaries In Mourning
Narrator:The loss of their friend the ambassador weighs heavily on our company of mercenaries. They are professionals, though. Death is a part of the daily grind. There is no time for real grief - just quick doses of microwavable low-fat sorrow, followed by diversionary tactics...
Narrator:And thus we find them caught up in a private ritual of distraction....
SFX:(Kevyn, with a screwdriver) Putter, tinker
Sign:(book) A farewell to arms (book2) tayler (book3) irving
Sign:Imatation ovalkwik foodservice pak
SFX:Der Trihs' jar bubbling.
Der Trihs:Hey! I said change the channel!! Can you guys hear me out there? Come on! Some of us are still alive, you pack of weepy wusses!