Sunday August 27, 2000

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Diplomatic Pouch of Doom


Kevyn:Hold still, Brad. There is a great, big bug on your hand...
Ice Kreely:Eep?
Brad:This isn't a bug. It's an Ice Kreely. I got it at a souvenir shop.
Kevyn:That's an exotic pet, Brad, not a souvenir.
Brad:Yeah? Wll, the book says that a Kreely can live to be a hundred years old, and will get really smart. The older ones can talk, obey commands and play chess.
Kevyn:Sure, but where are you going to keep it, Brad?
Brad:In the fridge.
Kevyn:You can't keep a pet in the fridge! Our snack food goes in there!
Brad:Hey, he's clean. Besides, he can't get out of his box to drink your milk.
Sign:General Eclectic
Narrator:Twenty-one minutes and seven seconds later ...
Schlock:Hey, who put this Kreely in the fridge?
Schlock:Hey! Who belongs to the Kreely?
Ice Kreely:Eep?
Schlock:I'd better make sure to leave a nice note.
Narrator:Elapsed time: 21:28.03. That's an above average life-span for an exotic pet around here...