Saturday January 6, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bureaucracy Bountiful


Bunni:Captain Tagon, I think we need to review our choice of health insurance providers.
Tagon:Is there a problem, Doctor?
Bunni:Corporal Nicholson's left hand has been crushed. You may recall that he only had three fingers on that hand to begin with, thanks to some accident or another.
Bunni:So it's faster to just clone him a new hand, and as a bonus the new hand has all five fingers.
Tagon:Sounds like good news so far, Doctor.
Bunni:Well, the insurance company is claiming the missing fingers are a pre-existing condition, and they are demanding that I remove those same fingers from the cloned hand!
Tagon:And you need help with the amputation? What am I missing, here?
Breya:Compassion, apparently.