Sunday January 14, 2001

My son, who is just picking up the rudiments of language, looked at today's strip, pointed at the 5th panel, and said "uh-oh. CUT!"

Stupid child. That's a BURN! There's a DIFFERENCE!

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bureaucracy Bountiful


Narrator:High in the Shirt-pin, a 6000+ meter tower...
Schlock:Those attorney-drones kidnapped the lawyer we were supposed to follow. I don't think they have his best intrests in mind.
Brad:So, are you suggesting that we stop following and start rescuing?
Schlock:Well, my new plasma cannon does need to be properly broken-in.
Brad:I'll take that as a yes.
Brad:So, what's it gonna be? Knock down the door and jump through, weapons blazing?
Schlock:They'll be expecting that. Let's go through a wall instead.
Narrator:Elsewhere in the tower...
Attorney Drone 1:You are making a mistake, Mister Reynstein.
Attorney Drone 1:Just let go... Join us... Resistance is futieeurk...
Schlock:Sweet! I took out three walls and an evil attorney drone!I think I'll try cranking it up two notches to "7"
Brad:I'll be over here, rescuing the hostage.
Brad:Come with us, Mister Reynstein. We're here to rescue you.
Schlock:Oops.Brad, I think some of these walls are structural.
Massey:Believe it or not, the express elevator would be faster andsafer than this.