Friday March 9, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bounty Hunting


Narrator:Doyt Gyo. Bounty hunter, is being operated on by an illegally modified, fully automated cryokit that does not have his best interests in mind.
EMH:Would you look at that! You've got an artificial intelligence embedded in your spine, doyt!
DoytHaban:(haban) I'm Haban 3122, Nice to meet you.
EMH:And all this time I thought you were in Doy'ts armor... You must be the "Barely" behind mister gyo's remarkable career of "Barely" survivable mishaps.
DoytHaban:(haban) What can I say? If he dies, I die. It's a pity I don't have more say in matters.
EMH:Say no more! I'll make a few neural connectivity changes here and give you each a vote...
DoytHaban:(doyt) Actually, I'd be happier if you left things the way you found them.
EMH:No problem. I can pop that head of yours right back off in a jiffy, Doyt.
DoytHaban:(haban) May I have TWO votes, please?