Sunday March 18, 2001

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bounty Hunting


Narrator:Ah, the kiss of a woman. Oft-sought, hard-fought, and veritably guaranteed to complicate matters...
Schlock:Doctor, why did you kiss the Reverend?
Bunni:Because he tried to save me. It was a very noble act, worthy of a kiss.
Schlock:I may look like I just fell out from under the turnip truck, but I'm not stupid. There's something more than a hero's reward between you two, isn't there?
Bunni:I don't know what you're talking about, sergeant.
Schlock:Hey, I ripped off the head of the guy who tried to abduct you. So where's MY kiss?
Bunni:You're right. I'm in love with the reverend.
Bunni:By the way, we were trying to be discreet. Did you roll one of those detachable eyeballs into the hallway after us?
Schlock:You take me for a common voyeur? shame on you.
Schlock:Kevyn caught you two on the security cameras.
Bunni:Oh, well, I guess I'll consider kissing you, if you'll rip kevyn's head off for me.
EMH:Bingely-boop.Speaking of heads. I've finished putting doyt gyo's head back on the end of his big, lumpy neck.
Bunni:Right, don't pop the cork until the captain arrives.
Schlock:I'll go get him. And i've got dibs if he orders a second decapitation.
Narrator:Two minutes later...
Tagon:Well, mister gyo. I trust you're feeling a bit more yourself lately?
DoytHaban:(doyt) Actually, I'm feeling less myself. Your (haban) crazy old doctor merged us.
Tagon:Our old doctor is dead, doyt.
DoytHaban:(haban) Well, his spirit of medical misanthropy lives on, in that cryokit, Captain. (doyt) I don't think I can go back to the authorities with this story.
DoytHaban:(haban) That's just the problem, Doyt. You don't think. (doyt) Oh yeah? Well if you're so smart, figure out a way for us to get paid on this gig, haban.
DoytHaban:(haban) I'm working on it, dolt.(doyt) It's DOYT!
Schlock:Can we keep him for a few days? He's funny.
Der Trihs: