Wednesday March 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Big Haunted Battleship


Tagon:So, without a sane A.I. we'd need a crew of what, 20?
Acey Nubs:You could fly this starship with a crew of one, but for combat you'd need hundreds of crew.
Tagon:The A.I. can be replaced, right?
Acey Nubs:Well, in theory, yes.
Tagon:And what about in reality?
Acey Nubs:In reality, the ship's haunted and will probably drive any A.I. insane.
Ennesby:That sounds like my cue to debark and head home solo.
Tagon:I'm still trying to fit 'reality' and 'haunted' in the same thought.
Narrator:I'm still trying to fit 'haunted' and 'starship' in the same strip. . .