Tuesday October 2, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Schlocktoberfest 2001


Narrator:A military transport full of mercenaries departs earth orbit.
Thurl:We'll be clear of earth's anti-teraport net in three minutes sir. I'm taking us back to the Post-dated check loan?
Tagon:That's right. There's no more work for us to do here.
Schlock:I'd really like to get a complete set of those action figures, captain.
Schlock:What? I've been told that shopping can be really hard work.
Tagon:We no longer have a female at the top of the command chain. That kind of justification won't fly with me.
Schlock:Whoa, I'm getting all kinds of cold pricklies right now.
Narrator:That's our female readers sending icy flames of doom to the author.