Sunday September 10, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Everybody's Gotta Eat


SFX: Der Trihs' jar bubbling
Kevyn: I'm going to grab a chupaqueso from the machine. Anybody else want one?
Schlock: Ooh, one for me!
Brad: No, thanks. They give me gas.
Der Trihs: I don't want one either. They tend to cloud my water.
Breya: Everyone, I've got great news! We had an initial public offering today and our stock tripled in price!
Schlock: Wow! Does that mean you are taking us out to dinner?
Breya: I'll do better than that. I'm giving everyone stock options! The option price is the IPO price, and the option vests over four years.
Schlock: So, I'm getting an optional vest that will be in stock for four years?
Brad: No, silly. Its like a pay raise!
Kevyn: Actually it's more like a piece of paper that says you'll get a little bit of money if you keep working here in spite of better offers you get someplace else.
Breya: Cynic.
Kevyn: Capitalist.
Breya: Party-pooper.
Kevyn: Salesperson.
Brad: Siblings.
Breya: Truce?
Kevyn: Take us all out to eat?
Schlock: Oooh! Yes! Truce! Truce!