Friday October 6, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — BOARDERS!!


Schlock: How many commandos are guarding the aft hatch? Tell me now, or I start the digestive juices!
Jud: I've got a wife and three kids!
Schlock: Yum. Are you pleading for your life or offering me dessert?
Jud: Four.
Schlock: See how easy that was?
Footnote: Bonus strip
Narrator: It's Bonus Strip Time!
Breya: I see that you two heard the news?
Schlock: About the author's brother, Randy Tayler, who is getting married today?
Ennesby: We're all over it.
Breya: So you also heard that under no circumstances, I repeat -- No Circumstances -- is anyone to trash his car.
Schlock: Yup
Breya: Then what are you doing with the toilet paper and spray paint?
Ennesby: It's an approved crossover gag.
Schlock: We're trashing his comic strip.
Narrator: Click Here to see the fun!