Sunday November 14, 2004
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part III: Life's a Beach


NARRATOR: There are all kinds of bombs in the 31st century.

NARRATOR: Smart-bombs not quite smart enough to think of self preservation.

NARRATOR: Total conversion bombs for which a little bit goes a verrry long way.

NARRATOR: Epaulet bombs you foolishly wear next to your neck.

NARRATOR: Grenades, nukes, limpets, land mines, mortars, bouncing bettys...  The matrix of payloads, detonators, casings, and delivery systems yields an all-but-infinite variety of ordnance, products of highly fertile imaginations raked either over the coals of necessity, or through the sewers of sociopathy.

VIDEO CASE: *printed* ISHTAR 2

MINE: *printed* NOT A STEP

NARRATOR: Kevyn Andreyasn has created numerous bombs in his day.  He's dropping one now...

KEVYN: Captain Tagon was killed in action this morning.


NARRATOR: Oh, the carnage.