Sunday November 21, 2004
Book 6: Resident Mad Scientist — Part III: Life's a Beach


NARRATOR: The newly-promoted Mercenary Captain Andreyasn gets a mandated makeover.

BUNNIGUS: You look good in it, Kevyn.

BUNNIGUS: Granted, orange is a harsh color on you, as it brings out the glare off your noble dome, but that's just my fashion training kicking in.

KEVYN: Now there's a discipline I would have been pleased to continue in ignorance of.

BUNNIGUS: We need to do something about the glasses, though.

KEVYN: They stay.  I can't see a thing without them.

BUNNIGUS: Petey paid us with some pretty good gear.  I can bring your natural eyesight right up to spec.

KEVYN: I misspoke.  There's nothing wrong with my natural eyesight.

KEVYN: I should have said, "I can't see a thing outside the visible spectrum without them."

BUNNIGUS: You also can't hide behind them anymore.  The company needs to know you're there more than you need to be able to see in infrared.

KEVYN: What about ultraviolet, microwave, and X-ray?

BUNNIGUS: You get all that from those?

BUNNIGUS: Wait... you have X-ray vision?

KEVYN: I can see that your skin temperature just went up in patterns typical of both embarrassment and anger, but I used infrared for that.

BUNNIGUS: One word about "great bone structure" and you'll need surgery.