Thursday August 18, 2005
Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei — Part I: Big Schlock, Little Schlock, What Begins With Schlock?


Captain Tagon: John Der Trihs was a junior Lieutenant during the Celeschul Terraforming Wars. Commodore Knutsov had him in the war room full-time though.
Captain Tagon: He never got credit for tweaking the Commodore's plans, but those tweaks saved a lot of lives, including my own.

John and I served together for a little while, then I won a shipstead with the Merchanters-At-Arms, and he went into Spec-Ops.

Captain Tagon: When I started this company, I found out John had been retired. He had fifteen years of experience, half a dozen shiny medals, and they still had him out on disability.
Kevyn: Let me guess. . . Head injury?
Captain Tagon: A Borthwog torturer ate part of his brain.