Saturday February 3, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy


Narrator: T-minus five minutes, and counting...
Breya: The station master has sounded the evac alert. Squad B, take the hub, and start blowing the docking clamps. Get these captains to launch and run hard.
Breya: Squad A, take the core, and start shoving people into elevators. Down to the ground, or up to the counter-weight station... whichever elevators are open. Everyone, you have four minutes on your assignments. Finished or not you shut your helmets and take the fastest elevator you can find off this level.
Breya: Ennesby, Corporal nicholson... You two are coming with me.
Ennesby: Why us?
Breya: I need somebody big and smart. Between the two of you, you fit the bill.
Ennesby: She called me smart!
Nick: She called me big!