Tuesday February 6, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy
Note: Oooh. There's Europa again. That sneaky moon...


Narrator: Behind Jupiter, hiding from a really big bang.
Brad: Sir, a very, very large object just popped into existence 2 K-klicks to starboard.
Tagon: What are the odds. . .
Breya: This is Admiral Breya, aboard counter-weight station. Captain Tagon, is that you?
Tagon: It is. What brings you to Jupiter, Admiral?
Breya: Ennesby said that, from a purely statistical point of view, it was the safest place to ride out this blast.
Tagon: Well, the conversion bombs should have gone off by now.
Breya: So, why don't you pop back and have a look?
Tagon: I'm not gonna look. You go look.