Tuesday February 13, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy


Peter Caruthers: Peter Caruthers here, with HN3, The HyperNet News Network. Details are coming in about the incompetency behind Luna's space elevator catastrophe.
Peter Caruthers: The explosion originated in a mercenary cruiser owned by Andreyasn Interstellar/Intergalactic enterprises, a development-stage company in the spacecraft market sector.
Peter Caruthers: In related financial news, shares of Andreyasn I.I.E. (Symbol: ASININE) have plummeted over ninety-five percent in heavy trading on rumors that their experimental hyperdrive caused the explosion.
Peter Caruthers: Which raises the question. . . Where are they finding investors foolish enough to be buying this tainted, worthless stock?
Tagon: You almost done with that terminal, Corporal?
Schlock: Couple of minutes sir. I'm playing 'The Price is Right' online, and I think I'm winning.