Sunday January 28, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy


Narrator: Massey reynstein, Public defender and 'good-guy' (in spite of the fact that he is both an attorney and a civil servant), has a hive-mind hypernet node implanted in his brain. Needless to say, he wants it out...
Bunni: Just relax, mister reynstein. You'll probably only feel a little poke.
Massey: AAIIOOW! OUCH!!It feels like you just stirred my brains with a red-hot pithing knife.
Bunni: Impossible. The AACME* only scores about 2.5 hurtz on the ouchdammitometer.
Massey: I don't care what it scores. It hurt. A lot.
Narrator: *AACME: Auto-anesthetizing cerebral micro-endoscope. Just so you know.
Kevyn: Doctor, run another scan. Let's have a closer look at this implant you are trying to remove.
Kevyn: Well, there's the problem. That implant has sprouted countless tiny neural tendrils into your brain. It's going to have to be deactivated before it can be safely removed.
Kevyn: Fortunately, deactivating it should be simple. You just need to poke this red button here with the AACME.
Massey: Unnnnhhh
Attorney Drone Colle: Ohhhh... We're here. Awake. Alive. We're
Massey: In my bead! Oh crap oh crap oh crapocrapocrap! Get... Out... Of... My... Brain... Unnnhhh! Errnh!
Massey: Collective gloating...Plots within plots...Uh-oh.
Massey: We've got to get out of here right now.
Kevyn: You poked the wrong button.
Bunni: I poked the button you told me to poke.