Monday February 12, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy


Peter Caruthers: Good evening, I'm Peter Caruthers, and you're watching HN3, the HyperNet News Network.
Peter Caruthers: Tonight's top story, Bobby the Brontosaurus, the top-drawing attraction in the petting zoo at Nairobi's 'Mesozoic Park,' fell ill today and projectile vomited on a crowd of 300.
Sign: HN3 HyperNet News Network
Peter Caruthers: Preliminary reports indicate that although there were no injuries, many children were inappropriately fascinated with the event, resulting in much parental consternation.
Sign: Sports news Cubs over the Lakers in double overtime 6-love, 6-love, 103 to 98
Peter Caruthers: In other news, Luna's space elevator has been cut, and may come down from orbit this week, killing anyone within a kilometer of the equator.