Wednesday February 21, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bombs Ahoy


Narrator: The mercenaries get a new home. . .
Tagon: So, how do you like our new office space, Sergeant?
Schlock: it makes me a little nervous. Trapped, here on the ground. I want to be mobile.
Schlock: It's not very defensible. The Collective could come after up again, and you can't fly away in an office building.
Tagon: Don't worry about the Collective. Massey has solid, advanced intel on them, thanks to that node implant they left him.
Schlock: Oooh! Let's take the fight to them! Out-think 'em, and vaporize them all. . .
Tagon: That was my thought, but Massey had a more profitable plan. It's slow, and painstaking, but truly fearsome.
Tagon: We're going to sue them.
Schlock: Yeeaargh! I just had chills run down my spine, and I don't have a spine.