Tuesday December 10, 2002
Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part II: Tandem Acts of Kindness


Ennesby:Hey, there's a call for Doyt from a mister 'Thud Bongo.' You want to take it?
Haban II:No. Doyt doesn't talk much anymore. He and I are happier and safer that way.
Ennesby:Right. Well, Mister Bongo wants me to tell you that he's got all Doyt's back pay, plus a fat signing bonus and a fatter raise just waiting for Doyt's signature.
DoytHaban:(doyt) Whoa! Haban, we gotta take this! Our old job back! All that money! (haban) Are you crazy? That was a horrible job! Go back to sleep.
Ennesby:How about I patch this 'Bongo' through, so he can listen to you argue with yourselves.
DoytHaban:(doyt) Yes! (haban) No! Idiot! (doyt) Please? (haban) I said no! (doyt) Aw, c'mon!