Sunday December 22, 2002

Book 2: The Teraport Wars
Part III: Handsome Ransom


Narrator:In the midst of a hostage crisis, the stated target surrenders himself
DoytHaban:I'm here, take me.
Tagon:Doyt, what are you doing?
DoytHaban:These people are after me, Captain. I know them. I'll be fine.
DoytHaban:Lex? Jevee? Why don't we collect Fatso and The Runt and discuss this outside?
Tug Shandal:I have a name, Dolt. Would it help you pronounce it if I punched a new orifice in the middle of your chest?
DoytHaban:Gee, Tug. I didn't know you'd changed your name to "Suck."
Jevee Ceeta:Outside, Doyt. Now!
Jevee Ceeta:Tug, you stay here and intimidate the elephants.
Jevee Ceeta:The rest of you just sit still. Doyt's gone and made Tug all angry and stuff. I wouldn't want him shooting anyone unnecessarily.
DoytHaban:Wow, Jeeve. I never would have expected Bongo to put you in charge.
DoytHaban:So, what's he paying you to bring me in?
DoytHaban:And did he promise to pay all of you? I mean, I'd really hate to see you fighting amongst yourselves to see who gets the opportunity to collect.
Jevee Ceeta:It's simple, really. I'm taking you in, and then I'm splitting the pay equally with the boys.
Jevee Ceeta:You didn't really expect us to kill each other over a bounty, did you? If that's as clever as your plot to escape gets, you might as well turn yourself in without our help.
DoytHaban:Good idea! I'll just hop back in my tank and fly over to Bongo's, 'kay?