Saturday January 13, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bureaucracy Bountiful


Narrator: Massey Reynstein is given a peek into the heart of the Collective.
Attorney Drone 1: So you see the power that awaits you if you join us.
Massey: So many minds, so much raw knowledge. Ultimate power for an attorney.
Attorney Drone 1: And no conscience. You would no longer be troubled by this petty integrity of yours.
Massey: Your offer is tempting, but I like my individuality, my sense of self.
Attorney Drone 1: Once we install the control node, you shall not need this 'self' you speak of.
Attorney Drone 1: This is an offer you cannot refuse.
Massey: I refuse.
Attorney Drone 1: No we said you cannot refuse. Can not.
Massey: Can so. I refuse.
Attorney Drone 1: You can't do that.
Massey: I'm doing it. I refuse, refuse, refuse! LA-LA-LA, look at me refusing!
Attorney Drone 2: He must be brain-damaged. Let's just kill him instead.
Attorney Drone Colle: