Wednesday January 24, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Bureaucracy Bountiful


Narrator: Bureaucracy at it's finest. . . Behold the queue for government contractors awaiting payment.
Tagon: Ennesby, is there anything you can do to expedite things a bit?
Ennesby: My daughter and I have already taken care of it.
Ennesby: Behold. . .
Luna Bursar: Hi, are you Kaff Tagon?
Tagon: Yes I am.
Luna Bursar: The computer just spit out this packet. You are getting paid out of turn, ahead of thousands of other contractors. I've never seen anything like this before.
Tagon: I guess all those years of picking the slowest line at the checkstand built up some powerful Karma.
Ennesby: Check your karma later. Right now I think it's time to take the money and run.
The line
st arts here
Your estimated
wait: 16 months