Sunday October 21, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Schlocktoberfest 2001


Narrator: Corporal Jeffi "Brad" Bradley is dead, but he's not all the way dead. The last of the company's cryokits can preserve him, and sergeant schlock promised to make that happen...
Schlock: Rest easy, Brad. The last cryokit is all yours. Next thing you know you'll be thawed out and fixed up as good as new.
Sign: Occupied--
Breya: Hey, Schlock, have you seen my Valkyrie suit?
Schlock: No. did you check the-- HEY! Breya, what are you doing here?
Breya: I came back to get my body armor. Turns out I needed it.
Breya: I also need to apologize. I'm sorry I treated you the way I did. I know you were just trying to help. You're a good friend.
Schlock: Admiral, I'm touched, and I still have feelings for you and all, but I really think you should go now.
Breya: I understand. Forgiveness takes time.
Schlock: No, you realy don't understand. We're fighting giant beetle-monster things, and it's not safe here.
Breya: Oh.
Breya: Are they big, and black, with lots of shiny sharp bits on them?
Schlock: Yeah! How'd you...
Schlock: ...know?
Schlock: BREYA! RUN!!!
Narrator: Uh-oh...
Narrator: Moments pass...
Schlock: My eyes... it slashed out my eyes...
Schlock: Oh... Breya.
Schlock: You're still warm. They can bring you back! I just need to find the...
Schlock: ...cryokit...
Sign: Occupied--
Diamond Bug 1:
Footnote: Note: For those of you currently concerned about the health and/or welfare of Breya, consider the following: * Tagon instructed Der Trihs and others to secure the passage to the transport. * Tagon and members of Shodan's squad were securing the base of operations at the head of the passage to the transport.* The monster got past all of them to attack Schlock and Breya.In short, you should be concerned about everybody...