Sunday September 23, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Magic Dream-Land
Name That Cameo, PART V (The Final Chapter)! I hope you recognize Slick and Monique in the first and third panels. They are visiting (with permission, even!) from that social satire known as Sinfest. Excellently-rendered by the one and only Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest has just a bit too much edge on it to appear in your daily newspaper (in much the same way that a carbon-steel katana has too much edge on it to be left in the crib with the baby.) Go read it, and if you cut yourself, don't blame me.

Hey, you may have spotted a dragonboy eating a duck up there in the third row. He belongs to Arius Elvikis, and if you want to see more of him, as well as his handlers, Zesto and Al, link on over to Dragonboy. Leave your waterfowl at home, though.


Narrator: East Concessions wing, Magic Dream-Land, Tokyo3, South America: Sergeant Schlock and Corporal 'Brad' Bradley collected a bounty, but they made a bit of a mess.
Brad: Sorry about the mess, miss. I brought you some towels.
Sign: Tacobufa, "food that blows"
Sign: Pick up
Monique: Wh. . . Wh. . . What's this grey stuff on my chichimichanga
Schlock: I'll get you some barbecue sauce, it'll cover that right up.
Narrator: Magic Dream-Land HQ:
Fez Bejo: I've figured it all out. Sidney had no plans to attack me. He just tricked me into bringing a band of thugs into my park.
Tagon: Thugs? Where?
Fez Bejo: You and your trigger-happy men, Captain.

You're fired.

Narrator: Back in East Concessions:
Tagon: Sergeant Schlock! Get your team back to the transport.
Schlock: Trouble, Captain?
Tagon: Your little escapade over there at the Tacobufa did not go over well with our employer.
Schlock: We got an attorney bounty, though.
SFX: Shpluk
Tagon: And you cost us a contract worth 500 times as much.
Schlock: Oops?
Tagon: I'll show you oops. Now get back here on the double.
Thom: Sergeant! Somebody just pulled a gun on some kids!
Schlock: Guns? Kids? WHERE?
Thom: One of the rides! Just after Sensei Shodan's team pulled out.
Tagon: Sergeant schlock, what's going on down there?
SFX: Quack
Thom: I saw it on the cameras. He shut down the ride, locked the kids in the carts, and started shooting out the lights!
Schlock: We're disobeying orders, sir.