Monday May 17, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part II: A Hand of Acey's (CSI Parody)


Ozvegan Griz: So... Besides the hand thing, is there anything unusual about our victim? Anything at all?
Ozvegan Coroner: Well, he was a sloppy dresser. That's all I've got, besides the hand.
Ozvegan Griz: Work that angle for me, Hal. Step back through the vids and see if anything comes up.
Ozvegan Coroner: The only thing I expect to come up is Ryk's supper, and only if he walks in during the instant replay.
Ozvegan Griz: At least with replay he can't get his supper in your evidence.
Ozvegan Gerg: