Saturday May 29, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part II: A Hand of Acey's (CSI Parody)


Ozvegan Griz: Speaking of money... Did Acey Nubs default on a contract with you?
Tagon: Technically, it was a mutual default. We failed to protect him, he protected himself, he doesn't have to pay the balance.
Tagon: If we'd known he was being hunted by his own gate-clone, rather than just a random assassin, we would have been able to take different precautions.
Ozvegan Griz: So you're not going to hunt him down and try to collect from him.
Tagon: Not unless somebody is going to pay us to.
Ozvegan Griz: I'm not sure how i should feel about that.