Friday May 21, 2004
Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance — Part II: A Hand of Acey's (CSI Parody)


Ozvegan Harrick: Yo Griz, Hal. You found any burns on the vic?
Ozvegan Coroner: He was killed with a plasma cannon, Harrick. He's got enough burn inside his chest for an entire trauma ward.
Ozvegan Harrick: No, I mean little burns. There's this spot of seared flesh under the barrel of the plasgun and trace days it came from the vic.
Ozvegan Griz: Under the barrel? Are we talking "Point-blank transfer," or "Stupidity marks?"
Ozvegan Harrick: That gun's a heavy antique. You can hardly accuse someone of being stupid for holding it wrong.
Ozvegan Griz: I can call "stupid" for trying to fire it at all, Harrick.