Monday February 5, 2001
See that blue dot on the far right of the last panel, across the panel from Jupiter's Red Spot? That's Europa, making a cameo appearance. I have no plans to land mercenaries on this cold-but-terraformed world, so look's the last you'll see of her for the forseeable future.

Oh, and Io is the orange dot in that frame. Sorry, kids. I'm not stopping the car there, either.

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bombs Ahoy


Narrator:Behind luna, halfway around her from an imminently devastating explosion.
Kevyn:I just had a disturbing thought...
Tagon:Go on.
Kevyn:Depending on how the shields fail, the explosion could be very tightly focused. Like, a lance of pure annihilation could split luna like a rotten apple
Tagon:Hiding behind luna wouldn't do us much good, in that case.
Kevyn:Odds are we'll be just fine here, though.
Narrator:On the far side of jupiter, halfway across the solar system...
Tagon:Feel better?
Kevyn:A little.