Saturday February 24, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bombs Ahoy


Narrator:Mercenary Provisioning, with the club-card...
CostClub Bot:Thanks for shopping at costclub. May I see your receipt please?
Ch'vorthq:I've been through three security checkpoints, a metal detector, an x-ray machine, one-way tire rippers, and the body-cavity search queue.
CostClub Bot:So...
Ch'vorthq:So there is absolutely no way I could have gotten this far without paying for the merchandise on this hover cart.
CostClub Bot:So you won't mind showing me your receipt, right?
Sign:Member benefits desk, Exit, Ovalkwik, Stabbs Smokehouse chili
Ch'vorthq:I can't. I got so hungry waiting in line here that I ate it.
CostClub Bot:That's okay. We can fish it out with another body cavity search, sir.