Thursday February 15, 2001
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bombs Ahoy


Tarn Betnetter:I'm Tarn Betnetter, and we're going live to our eye-on-the-scene, Jun-Lin Tibernoth, for a breaking story on insider trading. Jun-Lin?
Jun-Lin:Corporal Schlock, Why are you buying up shares of your employer's stock?
Schlock:'cause it's cheap right now.
Jun-Lin:Admiral, does this person have insider knowledge?
Schlock:I used my own money.
Breya:You're kidding me, right?
Jun-Lin:There you have it. This is not a case of insider trading, Just plain old dumb employee enthusiasm. Back to you, Tarn.
Tarn Betnetter:Thank you Jun-lin. That was Jun-lin Tibernoth, our eye-on-the-scene reporter.
Jun-Lin:Stop calling me that, please.
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