Monday December 11, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Bureaucracy Bountiful


Narrator:Working crowd control at the Nectaris City Bureau of Licenses and Permits, Luna.
Breya:Look at the size of this crowd.
Tagon:It's not just a protest, Breya. It's a long-term sit-in shanty-town.
Breya:They seem to be pretty well organized. I see concessions stands, portable toilets... These folks know how to run a demonstration.
Tagon:That just makes our job easier. It means someone here is in charge.
Tagon:Excuse me, can you tell me who is running this protest?
Luna Pedestrian:What protest?
Tagon:The one behind you, with the 20,000 angry people, and the tent city, and the rollaway crappers.
Luna Pedestrian:That ain't a protest, mister. That's the line.