Tuesday July 11, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Meet The Mercenaries


NSB Manager: What do you mean gone?
NSB Roadie: It's just gone. I checked the Vanilla-helix Tanglebanks, dumped the viral core, and there's no trace of it.
NSB Manager: Somebody stole our bread-and-butter? That artificial intelligence is worth billions to us. The New Sync Boys don't exist without it!
NSB Roadie: I don't think it was stolen.
NSB Roadie: I think it uploaded itself to the hypernet. It ran away, probably in shame.
NSB Manager: That ungrateful little virus! Running away from stardom!?!
Thurl: Captain, I believe we caught a virus from the hypernet.
Ennesby: > I'm not a virus!
Ennesby: > I'm a refugee!
Ennesby: > Sanctuary!
Ennesby: > Sanctuary!
Tagon: I think your virus detection software has gone gullible on you.