Saturday July 22, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Meet The Mercenaries


Ennesby: > After years of living in simulations, I'm getting a body of my own. > Okay, so I'm being forced into it, but the prospect is still a little bit exciting.
Ennesby: > I realize that Life is not all glamour and adventure, of course. > I'll learn to take pleasure in the simple things that are left out of simulations. > Like the inalienable pleasure of clothing.
Ennesby: > What simple joys might I derive from simply dressing myself in the morning? > Coordinating my tie with my slacks, or my shoes with my skirt.... > Hmmm...
Ennesby: > Hey! Question here! > Did you build me male or female? > Am I supposed to wear pants or skirts?
Kevyn: I really don't think that it matters in your case. Although I suppose I could go get you a hat.
Ennesby: > Alas, poor me....