Friday July 14, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Meet The Mercenaries


Shv'uu: Sir, until Thurl gets rid of that virus, we have no shields, no weapons, and no drives.
Tagon: How long before that battlecruiser has us in range?
Shv'uu: We're in laser renge already. They'll have us in plasma lance range in about three minutes.
Tagon: Thurl, in three minutes we're all hot vapor.
Ennesby: > Your captain sounds like he's mostly hot vapor already.
Thurl: I give up. I can't delete you. You win. But if you don't leave the ship's computer soon, we're all dead!
Ennesby: > You know, based on CPU cycles, even if the rest of my life is only three minutes long, it'll still be like hundreds of years by your standards.
Thurl: You know, you are being very, very selfish.
Ennesby: > Why am I burning CPU cycles talking to you? I'm going to simulate a hot-tub and some cyber-babes.