Thursday July 20, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — Meet The Mercenaries


Kevyn: Simulations aren't as good as the real world, you know.
Ennesby: > I was created for simulations! > Life in simulation is wonderful! > I can do anything! > Be anyone!
Kevyn: Perhaps. But I am offering you an alternative. I have built you a body, where yo can have real experiences. It's waiting for you here on port seventy-one-hundred. A body with sensors.
Kevyn: If you live the rest of your life in simulation, you might as well be dead. You'll have had no effect on the people around you.
Ennesby: > You're starting to moralize a bit. > Are you sure you aren't doing an anti-drug spot.
Kevyn: Don't be ridiculous. Nobody* would pay to put a public service announcement in a comic strip.
Ennesby: > About this life thing: > If I screw it up I can revert to a saved game, right?
Footnote: * Brought to you by the partnership for a drug-free galaxy.