Sunday October 22, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — BOARDERS!!


Narrator: The last few minutes have been tense aboard the mercenary ship Kitesfear, what with everyone pointing guns at each other. Fortunately, now they are just pointing fingers (and using pointed words).
Brad: Schlock, where have you been? We were supposed to be repelling boarders!
Schlock: I was eating.
Brad: At a time like this? We needed all the muscle we could get!
Schlock: Yeah? Well, so did I. Getting blown up gives a guy an appetite.
Brad: I'd think crawling through the sewer would have offset that for you.
Schlock: That reminds me... whose idea was it to stuff me doen there?
Brad: Whoa, look at the time!
Narrator: And over in the enemy camp (which is currently just across the room)...
KFDA commando: You set us up!
Attorney Drone Colle: You saw that horrible cook! we came for the public good.
KFDA commando: No, it's more than that. You collective attorneys have some nefarious plan, and you are treating us honest food service commandos as if we are mere pawns.
Attorney Drone Colle: Amateur. You call that foreshadowing?
Narrator: Even the command staff is bickering...
Breya: Tagon, we all could have been killed!
Tagon: Hey, it came out okay. The commandos are leaving, see?
Breya: I want body armor. Nice body armor. And a sidearm that shoots through body armor.
Tagon: Wow... I've never seen this side of you.
Breya: Would you like to see the side with knuckles?
Narrator: Well, at least bickering is safer than shooting.
Kevyn: Okay! Tagon asked for backup... you guys locked and loaded?
Ennesby: Let's rock.
Narrator: Foreshadowing and irony. Now that's comedy, folks...