Tuesday October 24, 2000
Book 1: The Tub of Happiness — BOARDERS!!


Narrator: Boarding the Kitesfear
Shep: You guys have any idea why we had to take taxis?
Nick: Dunno. But we're here.
Cab Driver: That'll be thirteen-fifty, boys.
Nick: I thought the captain paid for this in advance?
Cab Driver: What, you think I look like a limo service?
Nick: You wanna know what I think you look like? I think you look like a big, fat pushover.
Cab Driver: You think you can take me? You and whose army?
Shep: Captain Tagon's army. We're space mercenaries. Here's our card.
Cab Driver: You see, that's why I always asks about these things. Yer pre-paid boys. Out you go!