Sunday June 25, 2000

Book 1: The Tub of Happiness
Meet The Mercenaries


Sign:BIOHAZARD infectious waste
Schlock:You keep your lunch in the same cooler as the infectious waste?
Kevyn:Come on. It's a hot dog. . .
Breya:Have you moved all your projects in to your new lab?
Kevyn:Yup. Got it all stowed yesterday. I even got my door decorated.
Sign:RADIOACTIVE EMISSIONS exposure can be fatal
Sign:FLAMMABLE GASSES no smoking, unshielded electronics, or flatulence
Sign:CORROSIVE AGENTS do not pour on hands
Sign:NAKED SINGULARITIES black holes, distorted space-time, cosmic string
Sign:MICROWAVE LASERS weapons-grade coherent emissions
Sign:HIGH VOLTAGE do not lick wires (this means you)
Breya:Kevyn, is it safe to have all these things in the same lab?
Kevyn:Heck, no. It's not even safe to have all these signs on the same door.